Sarah Ruth Merrigan


Ph.D., in Political Science, UC Irvine (expected 2024)

B.A., in Global Interdisciplinary Studies, Villanova University (2018)


Sarah researches connections between reproductive justice and peace in international relations.


Sarah is originally from Boston, and went to Villanova University to study Global Studies. She became interested in human rights (especially women’s rights) while interning and volunteering with NGOs. She moved out to CA in 2018 and shortly after applied to grad school so she could research human rights, reproductive justice, and peace. In her down time she loves hiking, surfing, and thrifting!

Why is science communication important to you?

Especially in the field of political science, its vitally important for the public to be informed. In my own research, I hope to expose the most effective methods of promoting peace and justice, which will be useful to NGOs, legislators, and civil society beyond academia. I want everyone I know (and don’t know!) to be able to advocate for their rights effectively, and I want states to know that they have a rational interest in promoting said rights. This type of research has transformative power that shouldn’t be sequestered in the ivory tower.

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