Stella Moon


Ph.D. Philosophy, UC Irvine, 2023
M.A. Philosophy, UC Irvine
M.Sc. Logic, Amsterdam, Netherlands
B.Sc. Mathematics and Philosophy with Specialism in Logic and Foundations, Warwick, UK


How to understand mathematics: what makes mathematical facts different from others. I am interested in the methods of understanding mathematical facts.


I am a British Korean, currently studying in the US. As a first generation university student, woman of colour with learning disabilities, my experience of the world has been unique. I enjoy meeting people and learning more about what their experience is like. In my spare time, I am an amateur guitarist and singer. Recently I have become a board game enthusiast, especially looking for games with Korean mythology themes!

Why is science communication important to you personally?

I want to show the world the mystery of mathematics! What we learn in school may seem boring: but we depend on mathematics so much. Nevertheless, many people do not understand what it is, really. Looking at the history and philosophy of mathematics and sciences, I want to share my questions about the world.

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