Allie Zito*


PhD, Chemistry, UC Irvine, expected 2023
BA, Chemistry and French, Minor in Music, Johns Hopkins University, 2018


Electrochemical carbon dioxide capture and concentration


Allie  was born and raised right outside of Philadelphia, PA, and moved just 2 hours south to pursue degrees in Chemistry and French from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Then, she decided to move across the country to pursue her scientific dreams. She is currently a PhD student in the Chemistry department working with Prof. Jenny Yang. Her research is focused on studying ways to capture carbon dioxide using a electrochemistry. Previously, she worked on synthesizing and testing chemicals and materials that could use carbon dioxide to form usable fuels. She is currently supported by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.
When she's not in lab or writing Loh Downs, she loves to sing whatever song is stuck in her head, play board games, and spend time with her cat, Marie.

Why is science communication important to you?

Most of the scientific research that is published in journals is too complicated for the public to understand, so the average person never gets the chance to learn about all of the awesome things being studied all over the world. Oftentimes, it leads to people being discouraged from reading about science altogether. Science communication lets everyone in on the secret, while making science more fun! I love being part of the effort to bridge the knowledge gap and make STEM a more inclusive field. I hope to use science communication to encourage everyone to ask more questions and learn more about fields that interest them, even if the jargon seems scary at first!

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