Bryce Wilson


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, UCI, 2021 expected
MS, Chemical Engineering, UCI, 2018
BS, Chemical Engineering, UCSD, 2016


Development of optical mechanotransduction platform to overcome interdisciplinary obstacles in biophysics.


Bryce Wilson is a graduate student in the Department of Material Science and Chemical Engineering at UCI working with Dr. Vasan Venugopalan. He is currently working on the expansion of existing optical probe techniques into 3D microenvironments. He aims to develop an optical platform for imaging and perturbing biological environments to explore the connection between physical forces and biological signals.

Why is science communication important to you?

The method, motivation, and undeniable results of scientific thinking is an amazing gift passed to us from previous generations of scientists. In a new world, where many more voices are heard, fact based disciplined communication is needed more than ever.

The public has an amazing appetite for information. I think that it is important that scientists make it a priority to put science on the menu!

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