Candice Gellner

Candice Gellner


Ph.D., Pharmacological Sciences, UCI, 2017 expected BS,Biochemistry, CSU, Sacramento, 2012


Establishing a Proper Model of Tobacco Dependence: Influence of Age and Tobacco Smoke Constituents


Candice Gellner is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Pharmacological Sciences under the direction of Vice Provost and Graduate Dean, Dr. Frances Leslie. Candice’s research focuses on establishing proper preclinical models of tobacco dependence to improve smoking cessation medications. Outside of the lab, her interests are leadership and communication. Candice was the managing editor for the Loh Down on Science and a senior fellow in the Invention Transfer Group at UCI. These fellowships provided her with hands-on leadership and communication experience. Her passion is to help others see and achieve their highest potential.

Why is science communication important to you PERSONALLY?

Without science communication, science would not be accessible to everyone. It is important that everyone has the ability to understand and learn science so that our society as a whole can grow and develop.