Canton Winer


MA in Sociology
PhD in Sociology (ABD)


Canton studies the relationships between gender, sexuality, and race through interviews with asexual individuals (those who don’t experience sexual attraction).


Canton is a sociology PhD candidate at UC Irvine. He was born in West Palm Beach, FL, completed his undergrad at Fordham University, and lived in Shanghai, China, for two years before moving to California. Canton spends his free time cooking, reading, and painting.

Why is science communication important to you personally?

All too often, scientists share their work only in ways that are accessible to other scientists. Scientists study some of the world's most pressing issues—ranging from disease, water access, racism, sexism, climate change, deforestation, etc.—yet we often struggle to communicate our findings to the public. It is becoming increasingly clear and urgent that this needs to change.
I want to be part of that change. That's what drives my passion for science communication. The work can be challenging, often requiring the distillation of complex, long-form arguments into digestible, accessible takeaways. But the rewards are high for us collectively, helping to build communities that understand and care about science. Science communication helps us remember that we can learn every day, no classroom required!

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