David Herman*

David Herman


Ph.D., Environmental Health Sciences, Emphasis in Exposure Sciences UCI, 2019 expected
BS, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Education Minor, UCI, 2014


Air Pollution Health Effects


David Herman was born and raised in southern California. He transferred to UCI beginning his junior year to study ecology and evolutionary biology. During that time, he began working in UCI’s Air Pollution Health Effects Laboratory researching the adverse cardiovascular effects of concentrated ambient particulate matter (CAPs) air pollution. Today, David is continuing his research in the Air Pollution Health Effects lab where he will earn his Ph.D. in Environmental Health Sciences. His work focuses on cardiac conduction cycle impairments in response to inhaled CAPs. Following his degree work, David aims to work in science policy and regulation.

Why is science communication important to you personally?

Accurately communicating science can help people make more informed decisions. By engaging with the public, it is possible to counter the “Alternative Facts” and other misconceptions that run rampant within public debate. Science communication can provide a stronger understanding of new research advances and can potentially impact regulatory agencies and future scientists alike.

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