Grace Chan


Ph.D., Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (UC Irvine, expected 2025)

M.S., Biology (Washington State University, 2020)

B.S., Marine Biology (UC San Diego, 2017)


Using integrative approaches to study the biochemical strategies intertidal organisms use to combat climate change.


Grace was raised in Los Angeles, California where she uncovered her love for writing. Having spent most of her time preparing for a career in journalism, a volunteer opportunity at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific changed her world completely. She went on to earn a degree in marine biology where she worked with several crustaceans, including mantis shrimps! During her master's, she discovered her love for biochemistry and is now happily working on a project that bridges marine biology and biochemistry for her PhD. When not writing or conducting research, Grace likes to spend quality time in the great outdoors with her fiance and 2 dogs, a border collie and a german shepherd mix!

Why is science communication important to you personally?

If it wasn't for the science communicators in my early career, I would not have followed through with my passion in the marine sciences. It was through their storytelling and enthusiasm that encouraged me that I, too, could have a future in science. Having an early background in journalism, I have always valued the written and spoken word. Now that I am a scientist, I understand the importance of communicating my work in a way that is accessible to all! Science does not have to be confusing or too hard to understand. With the right tools, we can make science concepts fun and easily understandable. We can inspire the next generation of scientists!

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