Hurik Muradyan


Ph. D., Chemistry, UC Irvine 2020 expected

B.S. Chemistry, UC Berkeley, 2014


Biomimetic materials


I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Chemistry. I currently work on the development of next-generation plastics in Prof. Zhibin Guan’s lab. These plastics mimic the abilities found in living systems, such as the ability to change color or move in response to a stimuli, and even self-heal. Prior to my  doctoral work, I worked on the development of a drug screening platform. Before that I worked on developing cellulose based water-resistant roofing for low income communities. So renaissance woman of science is my favorite title.

Why is science communication important to you?

New developments in science are meaningless if we can’t share our new findings. Science communication gives me an avenue to share my passion for new and exciting science. Plus it lets me  channel my inner nerdy comedian!

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