Jaleal Sanjak

Jaleal Sanjak


Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCI, 2018 expected
Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology Certificate, UCI, 2014
BS, Biotechnology, James Madison University, 2011


Population genetic architecture and evolution of complex traits


Jaleal Sanjak is a doctoral candidate in Dr. Kevin Thornton's lab in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary biology at UCI. His research focuses on the evolutionary forces that shape genetic variation for complex traits--such as height, blood pressure or disease risk in human populations. Individuals vary genetically for almost any measurable trait, and this variation is naturally a product of mutation, natural selection and other aspects of our evolutionary history. In his dissertation work, Jaleal leverages computational models of the evolutionary process in the interpretation of paired genetic and phenotype data. Prior to arriving at UCI, he worked as a junior analyst for the public health and bio-security consulting firm Gryphon Scientific.

Why is science communication important to you personally?

I believe that, as scientists, it is our responsibility to explain why our work is important. We also have a civic duty to empower other citizens to become scientifically informed. By communicating our science to a broad audience, we simultaneously promote our work and educate the public.