Janielle Vidal


PhD in Environmental Health Science from UCI (Expected in 2022)

BA in Chemistry from Bryn Mawr College, 2014


Janielle studies the effects of copper exposure on the gut microbiome and Alzheimer's Disease using a mouse model in the Kitazawa lab.


Janielle hails from Portmore, Jamaica which is just outside of the city's capital, Kingston. She graduated with her bachelor's in chemistry from Bryn Mawr College in 2014. After a brief stint at the Kraft Heinz Company, Janielle is now a PhD Candidate in the Environmental Health Sciences at UCI. Janielle's focus track is
Environmental Toxicology and is part of the Kitazawa neurotoxicology lab. Outside of her research, Janielle enjoys cuddling with her cat Mufasa, finding tasty eats, strength training and spending time with friends.


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