Kellen Kartub*


Ph.D., Chemistry, UCI, 2019 expected
BA, Chemistry, Wellesley College, 2014


As a Southern California native who spent her undergraduate years on the east coast, attending UC Irvine was one of the best decisions I made. I missed sunshine. Here at UC Irvine, I am a chemistry Ph.D. candidate in Rob Corn's lab. I use nanostructures to make new materials for improved biosensing or energy efficiency by taking advantage of how nanostructures interact with light. Nanostructures are so tiny,  they are smaller than wavelengths of light. This small size allows them to have really unique and powerful responses to light. Through careful design, I can control these responses.

Why is science communication important to you?

I believe that science should be accessible and fun, and I have found effective science communication to be key. I think it a shame that while there is so much interesting science being published, most of it is never known to the public. And it isn't the public's fault. Those papers are a minefield of jargon and confusing concepts hidden behind expensive paywalls. Even I have trouble reading them! I love to break down science topics across all disciplines into something fun and relatable!

*Managing editor term


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