Krista Fruehauf*


PhD, Chemistry, UC Irvine, 2020 Expected
BS, Physiology, UC Santa Barbara, 2015


Polymer hydrogel nanoparticles, polymer protein interactions, polymeric materials


Krista Fruehauf is a graduate student in Professor Kenneth Shea's lab in the Department of Chemistry at UCI.  She makes polymers then examines their biological and material applications.  The applications range from drug delivery to making membranes and fabric-like materials for purification purposes.  Much of her work examines how polymers interact with other small molecules and proteins. Her undergraduate research consisted of organic synthesis methodology and making small molecules.

Why is science communication important to you?

I think most people who aren't familiar with science are easily intimidated by it and have a more difficult time seeing how it relates to their every day lives.  I want to make science more digestible and accessible to the average person so instead of shying away from it, they embrace it.  Communication is important in any field, but I feel there are many public misconceptions about science and I want to try and solve that.

*Managing editor term


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