Kyle Naughton

Kyle Naughton


Ph.D., Physics, UCI, 2019 expected
MS, Physics, UCI, 2016
BS, Physics, UC Santa Barbara, 2012


Structure-function relationships of proteins in adaptive biophotonic systems in cephalopods


Kyle Naughton is a biophysics doctoral candidate in the Gorodetsky's group at UCI. He studies, bioelectronic proteins in cephalopods (squid, cuttlefish, octopus), which imbue these semi-alien creatures with their famously dynamic camouflage. By understanding and capitalizing on these proteins, an entirely new field of bio-compatible, bio-electronic devices is being unlocked, potentially revolutionizing today's inorganic approach to medicine. Before arriving at UCI, Kyle completed a Physics degree at UC Santa Barbara and subsequently traveled the world. Upon completing his Ph.D., he seeks to deliver his enthusiasm for science non-profit education programs and science communication platforms like the LDOS.

Why is science communication important to you PERSONALLY?

I received a Lego set for my 6th birthday and have since been utterly fascinated by understanding the universe from the bottom-up. How can such complicated and imaginative structures come from just a few boring blocks and connections? Science - and physics specifically- offers a routine for unifying seemingly random observations and acts into a beautiful, coherent whole. By participating in science and joining this creative, rigorous project for the truth, humans can realize the best in themselves and in others.