Margaret Lugin*


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, UCI, 2019 expected

M.S., Chemical Engineering, UCI, 2016

B.S.E., Chemical Engineering, Minor in French, University of Michigan, 2014


Margaret Lugin is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Margaret’s research focuses on developing gene therapy platforms through encapsulating viruses in a nonviral shield. This allows the viruses to be more effective, as they avoid alerting the immune system. Currently her work involves encapsulating adeno-associated virus to treat a range of cancers. Outside of research, she has been a mentor for the Competitive Edge program, and has served as Vice President and President of the Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Graduate Student Association. Margaret is currently supported by an NIH T32 training grant in Virology.

Why is science communication important to you?

Science has so many exciting discoveries! But if we don’t work to communicate them in the scientific community and beyond, then nothing will come of new innovations. Spreading the knowledge of scientific breakthroughs is what moves us forward, especially when it can be accessible to everyone! I want to help make science more accessible, so that everyone can be up to date on the latest studies and cool, new ideas.

*Managing editor term


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