Paul Alexander Levine*

Paul Levine


Ph.D. Earth System Science, UCI, candidate
MA, Geography, UCLA
BA, Geology/Biology, Brown University


Land-atmosphere interactions, remote sensing, Earth system modeling.


Paul Alexander Levine began as a writer, and is now serving as Managing Editor for the Loh Down On Science. Paul is a doctoral candidate in Dr. James Randerson’s research group in the Department of Earth System Science at UCI. His research looks at water that gets stored in plants and soil, and how it is transferred between the land and the atmosphere. Paul has a diverse background that includes experience as a field ecologist, a technology consultant, and a multimedia artist.

Why is science communication important to you personally?

Our digital age has seen huge growth in the flow of information. But such growth often comes with a cost. If the quality of the information is poor, the public suffers being misinformed. I believe that communicating science with quality and integrity is fundamental to ensuring a well-informed public and allowing a peaceful and prosperous world.

*Managing editor term