Sarah Block*


PhD, Chemistry, UC Irvine, Expected 2018
BS, Biochemistry & Economics, 2013


Chemical cross-linkers for proteomics studies


I am chemist. I make tools for biologists to use to study proteins. Proteins are tiny, molecular machines inside your body -- carrying out everything your body has to do. If one of them is broken, we need to fix it. And in order to fix it, we need to know what it looks like. In my research, I make chemical tape measures and act like a tailor, measuring the distances between protein parts.

Why is science communication important to you?

I think anyone can understand chemistry and science, given the right metaphor. I love to break down complex ideas into bite-size pieces and use that to connect to a new audience, hoping to make them as excited about science as I am!

*Managing editor term


Sarah also designed our 2019 LDOS T-shirt!

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