Ted Yoo*


Ph. D., Materials Science, UCI, 2019 expected
BS, Physics, Cal Poly Pomona, 2013
AA, Culinary Arts, Southern California School of Culinary Arts, 2008


Nuclear fuel recycling processes


My research is under the direction of Mikael Nilsson, in the department of Chemical Engineering. We are interested in the processes behind recycling nuclear fuel. I use computer simulations to study the chemicals that are often used to separate usable material from radioactive waste. Unfortunately, all of the nuclear waste in the United States exists in some state of political limbo. Through my labors, I hope to contribute to a long term solution. I am also the vice president of Brews and Brains at UC Irvine. This organization trains graduate students to talk about their unique research.

Why is science communication important to you?

I believe that succinct communication is a necessary part of truth. My wish is to empower humanity to discover both the natural world and one's own self. The plan is to actively disseminate knowledge and breed the hunger for it. Sharing knowledge enriches us all. After all, we cannot play with what we do not have.

*Managing editor term


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