Torin Dupper

Torin Dupper


Ph.D., Chemistry, UCI, 2019 expected
BA, Chemistry, Northwestern University, 2014


Germanium Nanocrystal Synthesis and Assembly of Nanocrystal-based Thermoelectric Materials


Torin Dupper is a doctoral candidate in Chemistry in Dr. Allon Hochbaum's laboratory in the School of Physical Sciences at UCI. His research investigates the synthesis of germanium-based nanocrystals, nanocrystal surface modification, and dip-coating methods to construct nanocrystal thin film thermoelectric materials to investigate and optimize the energy conversion efficiency. Prior to arriving at UCI, Torin investigated photo-oxidation of organic photovoltaics in Dr. David Ginger's laboratory at the University of Washington, and in Dr. Chad Mirkin's laboratory at Northwestern University, Torin developed methods for localized detection of mRNA using DNA-conjugated gold nanoparticles.

Why is science communication important to you personally?

Science intimidates many people, and I felt this way when I first began my collegiate studies. However, when I realized that many of the complicated processes in science can be broken down into simpler concepts, I started to understand and enjoy science, and chemistry, in particular.

When people fear a subject, they avoid it. If I can simplify science and make it palatable to wider audience, I think that more people will study science. And, perhaps more importantly, I think that more of the general public will develop a greater appreciation and comprehension of science.