Van Wifvat*

Van Wifvat


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, UCI, 2019 expected
MS, Mechanical Engineering, UCI, 2016
BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Saint Thomas, 2013


Sustainable Transportation Impacts of Connected Vehicle Technologies.


Van Wifvat is a third year graduate student in the UCI Advanced Power and Energy Program in the School of Engineering. His research project concerns the environmental impacts of autonomous and connected vehicles. This work is conducted with the support of a major automaker with the goal of directly improving the fuel economy of future hybrid vehicles. The specific goal is to determine what "robotic" driving behavior will mean for the cars of tomorrow in terms of fuel economy, emissions, and traffic flow. In addition to his research, Van spends his time at UCI serving as a School of Engineering Representative with the Associated Graduate Student Government, and leading the UCI Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers.

Why is science communication important to you personally?

Science communication is personally important to me because I love sharing my work with other people! Science communication as a whole helps to unlock some very fulfilling aspects of a career in STEM.

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