Vivek Tyagi


M.S., Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering, UCI, 2021 (expected)
B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, University of Washington, 2014


Computational dynamics studies


Vivek is a PhD student in Materials Science & Engineering working in Prof. Doug Tobias’ laboratory. His research is primarily focused on computational studies of membrane-bound proteins and peptides in an effort to understand how environmental factors can affect biomolecule interaction and structure. Before coming to UCI, Vivek lived in Philadelphia where he failed as stand-up comic for nearly a year.

Why is science communication important to you personally?

Science is for everyone. Sure, scientific research can be challenging and difficult, but the results should be accessible to everyone. In many cases, the science isn’t particularly difficult, but fear, uncertainty, and doubt among the audience can drive people away. Science communication is important because it attempts to bridge the gap between the people who perform the research and the people who could benefit from it. The better we make this bridge, the greater the impact we can have on those around us.

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