Ying Huang


Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, UCI, 2022 expected

M.S. in Materials Science & NanoEngineering, Rice University, 2017

B.E. in Materials Science and Engineering from South China University of Technology, 2016


I am working on the platinum group metal-free catalyst in the fuel cell. We want to get rid of platinum group metal because they are expensive. Catalyst is the helper, which makes the chemical reaction happen.


Ying is a Ph.D. student in Prof. Iryna Zenyuk’s group, creating cheerful and less expensive catalysts applied in the fuel cell. Her research is helping in diversifying the energy options and decreasing greenhouse gases emission. Outside of the study, Ying enjoys playing the piano and reading some novels.

Why is science communication important to you?

When talking with researchers too much, I realized that I am at the risk of losing the ability to speak in “normal human words''. Most of my friends do not care about how the oxygen is reduced to water, or how the proton transports from cathode to anode. But those are what I am working on, which I want my friends and even more people to learn about!  It seems that scientific research becomes boring, serious, and restricted to certain people. 

But science should be fun! Science creates new things!  I hope more people will be happy to learn about new things. With efforts to keep communicating science better, I will bring those attractive research stories and fancy results to you! 

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