Paula Gardner

Paula Gardner


B.S. University of Washington, General Biology, minor in Art History.

PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Expected 2025


Simulations of the genetic basis of evolution.


Paula grew up in southern California before deciding to find out what rain was, completing a Biology B.S. and Art History minor at the University of Washington; and doing research at Friday Harbor Labs. Now back in Irvine, she is a PhD student studying the patterns of genetics in populations and how they relate to evolution, all through computer-generated data! She enjoys marine invertebrates, art history and making art, and the three deserts of California.

Why is science communication important to you personally?

Some of my absolute favorite memories revolve around books on the natural world I read when I was younger- illustrated atlases of Cambrian oceans, rainforest ecosystems, even cross-sectional diagrams of animal digestive systems. They awakened not only my nascent love of biology, but also that of art and illustration; which have proven to be two of the most constant enjoyments in my life.

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