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Is the early bird senior dinner. . . catch of the day?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Senior mental wellness! Some crossword puzzles, some bingo, pick up fish sticks? Omega threes are said to be important. . . is this true?

Alina Thomas and team from the University of Bordeaux in France wondered. 

They scanned the brains of over fifteen hundred people aged sixty five and over. They examined signs of diseased veins, such as tissue damage and swelling. 

The researchers also asked the seniors how much fish they ate each week. 

Results? Those who ate more fish showed less damage. Two to three fish meals a week meant they were TWENTY PERCENT less likely to have brain tissue damage. Those eating fish at least four times a week? THIRTY percent less likely. 

BUT! This is only true between sixty five and to seventy five years old. 

The researchers believe eating fish might stave off cerebrovascular disease, which can cause hemorrhage and embolism.! 

So, seniors! Let’s proceed! In LOX step! With extra cream cheese….

Reference: Thomas, A., Crivello, F., Mazoyer, B., Debette, S., Tzourio, C., & Samieri, C. (2021). Fish Intake and MRI Burden of Cerebrovascular Disease in Older Adults. Neurology, 97(22), e2213–e2222.