Doxing in Darkness

Hello darkness, my old friend. 

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Sleep helps us learn, focus, and recover. Light is nature’s alarm clock. And a good one at that! Even a tiny bit can keep us from catching our Z’s. Would sleeping in total darkness improve our quality of sleep–and more? 

Viviana Greco and a team of researchers at Cardiff University investigated. 

Over ninety volunteers wore light-blocking eye masks to bed for one week. On days six and seven, they performed word-pair learning and reaction speed tests. The same participants wore non-light-blocking eye masks the following week and repeated testing.  

Results? Wearing light-blocking eye masks allowed volunteers to score one point higher on the learning test! Their reaction speeds were also about 6 milliseconds faster!

This lifestyle habit could be a simple and effective way to boost mental performance. 

And that’s a BRIGHT idea! What? Can’t take the unbearable LIGHTNESS of my being?


Greco, V., Bergamo, D., Cuoccio, P., Konkoly, K. R., Muñoz Lombardo, K., & Lewis, P. A. (2023). Wearing an eye mask during overnight sleep improves episodic learning and alertness. Sleep, 46(3), zsac305.