Hivers on Special Issue “Elements”

On March, the Southern California News Group (1.5 million readers) published a premium issue titled “Elements“. The special issue focused on the four natural elements: water, fire, earth, and air, taking a look at some solutions to region’s environmental challenges.

From the Loh Down on Science, we want to thank Samantha Dunn (editor of “Elements”) for the amazing special issue and her words towards the Loh Down on Science at the Editor’s Letter (find the complete letter here):

A roster of award-winning authors and our own talented photographers and graphic artists helped make this magazine possible. And we were aided in no small way by members and emeriti of The Loh Down on Science Hive from the graduate division at UC Irvine. The Hive is a unique fellowship program that supports young scientists from a variety of specialties who have a passion for science communication. Formed by producer Sandra Tsing Loh, The Hive normally works on radio segments heard on NPR stations across the nation, but they turned their talents to the written word for this magazine – with great success, I think.

Also, we would like to congratulate the current and emeritus hivers Allie Zito, Nora Bradford, Dr. Brenna Biggs, Dr. Claudia-Francisca Lopez Camara, Dr. Samantha Leigh that participated on “Elements”.

Access to the “Elements” special issue here.