Hivers win chemistry department awards

One of our former managing editors, Lauren Fleming (left photo), was awarded the E.K.C. Lee fellowship award from the Chemistry department at the Edward K. C. Lee Lecture and Award Dinner on May 22, 2019. The award is given “to support an outstanding student in chemistry” for their research accomplishments. She also recently defended her dissertation on “Molecular Composition, Optical Properties, and Chemical Aging of Primary and Secondary Organic Aerosol.”

Also during this awards dinner, Brenna Biggs (rightmost figure in right photo) was awarded the Michael E. Gebel Award from the Department of Chemistry. She seasonally monitors one hundred gases from emission sources like dairies and landfills and wants to improve the air quality for workers and surrounding communities. The award recognizes her excellence in environmental chemistry graduate research, and her service to the community.

Well done Lauren and Brenna!!