Shop a Latte?

How ‘bout a caffeine charged shopping spree?!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science saying.. 

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect pairing? Get that Joe and GOOO through those aisles – snatch up those bargains! But how does caffeine ACTUALLY impact our spending?

Dipanyan Biswas from University of South Florida and an international team were curious. The researchers set up stands in stores across France and Spain, then recruited THREE-HUNDRED shoppers. Volunteers were offered the choice of free coffee, decaf coffee, or water upon entering the store. After shopping they shared their receipts with the researchers. 

Results? Caffeinated shoppers bought more nonessential items. And they spent up to FIFTY PERCENT more! 

The researchers link these spending effects to caffeine’s powerful effect on the brain. It’s a strong stimulant that potentially reduces self control. Thus, impulsive shopping ensues!

No more shopping under the influence for me! NO – you DON’T need to see my receipts! They have coffee spilled all over them.

Reference: Biswas, D., Hartmann, P., Eisend, M., Szocs, C., Jochims, B., Apaolaza, V., Hermann, E., López, C. M., & Borges, A. (2022). EXPRESS: Caffeine’s Effects on Consumer Spending. Journal of Marketing.