Break Job

Hey, is there something wrong with your breaks?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science, with the latest on how to maximize your downtime!

During the workday, we all need breaks – snack breaks, lunch breaks, second lunch breaks. But researchers from Baylor University’s business school wondered: What’s the best kind of break? Can taking a particular type boost concentration, motivation, and energy?

To find out, Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu surveyed ninety-five people, ages twenty-two to sixty-seven. Each reported on his or her breaks during a typical week. In all, the duo analyzed over nine-hundred breaks.

It turns out, when and where you take your break does affect how you work the rest of the day. Mid-morning breaks can help you stay motivated all day long. And a bunch of short breaks are better than one long break.

The two also found that people who take good breaks like their jobs better! And have better health.

With that in mind, see ya later. Time for my break. And yours too, probably!