Curing Bad Eyesight

Person holding glasses to eye chart

Has print gotten twice as tiny? Or is my eyesight not what it used to be?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with The Loh Down on Science, saying… EYE am not the only one! 

Most people experience declining eyesight as they get older. They find it difficult to distinguish colors and see in low light.

Harpreet Shinhmar and researchers at University College London wondered — is there a way to improve eyesight without surgery?

One possible answer? RED light. Shinhmar’s team had twenty-four volunteers of various ages look at a red light for three minutes every day. Younger subjects with good eyesight were included for comparison. After two weeks, they tested the subjects’ ability to see colors and focus on objects.

Results? Those over forty were able to distinguish colors TWENTY PERCENT better! Younger participants? Not much change! Their sharp eyes didn’t need a boost.

Shinhmar hopes one day this treatment will help older people improve their vision without surgery!

Red light…green light…red light…why are the people behind me honking?!