Dance Pants

Bellbottoms, knee-highs, and perms, oh my!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Fashion – it NEVER stops changing! What used to be HIP is now squaresville. And technology moves even faster than style. Who can keep up?

Ramses Martinez and his team at Purdue University are up to the challenge. They invent technology… and wear it too! They created a new type of E-TEXTILE which they hope becomes all the rage. The clothing is fashionable, waterproof, anti-bacterial, and powered by YOU. How!?

The secret is literally WOVEN into the fabric. Embroidered E-textile patches contain molecules attached to tiny electrical components. It’s just like wearing a remote control! Lights, internet access, and music playback can be controlled by pressing the patches. Don’t touch that dial, just reach in your pocket!

The self-powered smart-clothing doesn’t need bulky batteries. Just get a move on! Bend, stretch, or step dance around in your clothes to charge them up. They can even be washed in a regular washing machine!

So style marches on! Me? I’m just glad Mom Jeans are finally back. Please stay!