“Explained by Nerds”

What exactly is slime? Is activated charcoal the solution to all your health problems?

Check out the answers on the YouTube channel, Explained by Nerds! This short video series is produced by one of our hivers, Krista Fruehauf, and award-winning science communicator Megan Newcomb. Their goal is to explain the science behind things that people see every day. These two Chemistry PhD candidates spend many hours doing their due diligence to learn and succinctly explain how things work, conscious of filtering out the pseudoscience.

For people who may be interested in beginning their own science communication activities, Megan advises, “Don’t be afraid to approach topics that you don’t really understand.” Krista commented that it can be a long, hard, and frustrating process. However, the duo emphasize that the time and effort they spend is well worth it as they have lots of fun making and sharing these videos.

After diving into the science behind slime and activated charcoal, they plan to release a feature on sunscreen next. You can view, comment, and subscribe to Explained by Nerds on YouTube!