Meet our newest Hive member!

Racine Rangel is a second year PhD student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. For a class assignment by Professor Brandon Gaut, she was tasked with a new writing assignment format to try writing a script for a Loh Down! Racine decided to write about the Arctic Cod and how they survive in the freezing waters of the Arctic. From her words:
This research was interesting to me because other cold-water fish evolved the same type of survival technique but in completely different ways. It just shows how creative nature and science can be! I was really nervous that the writing assignment was going to be hard to complete but once I found the topic I was so excited to share the results I finished it early. I have always wanted to share my passion for science and communicate just how awesome it is.
From her great work, we felt like she was one of us… so we invited her to join the Hive! Read her first script here, and stay tuned for more scripts by Racine!