Memory Work Out

Smiling woman walking on a treadmill

Remember high school graduation? Me neither!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

For most of us, it’s probably just a blur of proud family, music, and speeches! Time has slowly whittled away at our precious mental snapshots. How can we recall our special moments longer?

Enter Paul Loprinzi from University of Mississippi. His team monitored over twenty young college students while testing their minds and bodies. One group briefly walked on treadmills at steady paces. Others didn’t exercise at all.

Then, both groups listened to two lists of simple words. Bell, nose, moon. They memorized as many as possible. The next day they heard ANOTHER vocabulary list and tried to identify which ones were on the lists from the day before.

Results? Young adults remembered MORE when they WALKED before memorizing. Researchers believe that exercising excites their brain cells and makes memorizing easier!

Next, researchers want to study how older adults’ memories fare after walking. And if other types of exercise could boost our memories!

So, take a walk before life’s milestones. You might remember them longer!