Souped-Up Taters

Hmmmm… broccoli or tater tots? What does science say?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Don’t let BIOFORTIFICATION scare you! It’s when nutritionists add additional micronutrients to everyday food for healthier meals. Think potatoes coated with beta carotene, providing vitamin A.

Biofortifying is extremely important in developing countries where many are hungry and malnourished. But could negative views on the process PREVENT healthy eating?

Enter Julius Okello from Uganda’s International Potato Center. About fifty young mothers in Kenya were split into three groups. ALL groups got general information about biofortification after cooking orange flesh sweet potatoes.

Group two heard about its nutritional benefits as well. Group three learned about the cons, like causing the potatoes to be less sweet and too soft. Then, they all tasted the potatoes and discussed.

Findings? Women with POSITIVE biofortification knowledge said they ate the ‘taters because they nourish and help with resisting diseases. Group three remembered the negative information they heard. They mentioned the taste and health benefits less.

Hungry or not, know your foods’ benefits. Even the pickiest eaters might try it!