Aging Bat-ifully

Hey, influencers – have you heard about BEAUTY TIPS from BATS?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

For most mammals, the smaller they are, the shorter their lifespan. But not bats! If humans played by bat rules, we’d live past a hundred and fifty! What are their anti-aging secrets?

Meet bat researcher Emma Teeling from University College Dublin. Her team analyzed blood from wild bats over a six year period.

Researchers identified several aging related genes that help repair DNA and manage healthy cell reproduction. Usually, anti-aging genes slow down with age. But in old bats, these genes actually SPEED UP their activity!

Why this evolutionary bat-bonus?

Teeling suspects it’s because flying is so energy intensive. Flying animals need a really high metabolism to keep up! But that’s stressful on their immune system. Without their super anti-aging genes, bats would suffer from almost constant inflammation and bad health.

Understanding that “something extra” that makes bat genes so special could help humans live longer and healthier lives.

Maybe instead of humans, vampires should just drink bat blood! Seems a little more efficient.