Fizzy and Fat

Your beverage of choice. Fizzy or flat?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

We know that sugary sodas can pack on pounds. But we love our bubbly bevs! So we’re cutting back on soda, drinking more sparkling water, and staying hydrated! That’s a healthy lifestyle change. Or is it?

Enter Johnny Stiban and coworkers from Birzeit University in Palestine. They wondered if CARBONATION poses any health risks. That’s something soda and LaCroix have in common! They gave some rats soda, others tap water, and others soda gone flat.

RESULTS?! Rats drinking carbonated soda weighed MORE. Those drinking the plain water, or EVEN FLAT soda weighed LESS. Surprised? The culprit is carbon dioxide, which gives soda AND sparkling water their bubbles. Turns out, carbonated soda boosted rat’s ghrelin levels, the hunger hormone. This hormone tells the body to eat more, and so the rats gained weight!

So… the BUBBLES are the bad guys! Based on their findings even Perrier might lead to weight gain!

Oh no. Based on that, I’m having a beer. A flat beer!