Good Job Hunting

Thinking of quitting your job? But what about your social life?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Newsflash: You spend as much time with your co-workers as your spouse! Your workplace mentors and water-cooler buddies guide your career and support you socially. But do these relationships change when you’re looking for a new gig?

Christian Tröster from Kühne Logistics University wondered! His team surveyed over one hundred-twenty employees from multiple workplaces in the Netherlands. The team examined their relationships with both cubicle buds and advisors during their job hunts.

Their findings? Those with quitting on their minds often LOSE ties with co-workers who had mentored them. Tröster believes these people feel less obligated to continue doing favors for their advisors. Instead, they anticipate building NEW bridges with future mentors.

But what about those cubicle buddies? Participants did make efforts to stay connected with FRIENDS- perhaps knowing they might lose them when they moved on.

Researchers believe thoughts of quitting cause us to disengage with only CERTAIN social ties. This happens as we try to reshape our future companion circle.

So sure – take this job and shove it — but keep the friends!