Plastic Protection

Yikes – dropped your smartphone in the toilet… again?!!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science, saying…

Wouldn’t it be great if our precious devices were water-proof? Or even better – LIQUID and STAIN proof?

Meet Paul Leu and his research team from the University of Pittsburgh. They created a plastic surface that can repel most liquids. Not just water, but olive oil, mustard and even blood! No more wet surfaces or unsightly stains!

What’s their secret? MUSHROOMS! Yes, you heard that right! The plastic surface is coated with closely spaced tiny structures that look like Enoki mushrooms. These mushrooms cause liquids to bead up on top of the structure. It’s kind of like the way water beads up on a waxy leaf. Instead of sticking and sliding down the surface, it rolls right off without a trace!

Leu thinks his nano-mushroom plastic will improve tech like solar cells, LEDs and wearable devices. It’s strong, transparent, and flexible — perfect for keeping electronics safe AND clean!

But until nano-mushroom phones hit the market — keep that phone outa the bathroom!