Power Nap

Shhh! Something magical is happening!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science…and naps!

Ah, nap time – that sacred time of day! Particularly for parents of babies. Nothing like quiet time to reclaim some sanity!

In the U.S., nap time disappears as children grow older. But in China, napping is routine for ALL ages. Students even get longer lunches to allow for some midday shut-eye! Does this extra down time help?

Enter researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, UC Irvine, and Shandong University in China. They surveyed nearly three thousand Chinese grade schoolers – both nappers and non-nappers.Their survey tracked academic performance, and mental and physical health over three years.

Results? Sixth graders napping three times a week averaged EIGHT PERCENT higher in academic performance than non-nappers. That’s easily the difference between an A and a B! And students showed many other mental and physical health benefits too.

The researchers say that naps are crucial for child and adolescent development. Here in the U.S., adding naptime to the curriculum may help our students’ mental health and academic performance.

But why stop at kids? This grown up is clocking out right NOW!