Smart Toilet

Why flush valuable healthcare data down the drain?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Morning! You go to the bathroom and EEESH! Something doesn’t look right. Spend an hour on WebMD…or…ask a REAL expert?

Enter Seung-min Park and his Stanford University team. They’ve designed technology that can turn your porcelain throne into a “SMART toilet.” HOW smart? Try a Ph.D.!

Their invention uses motion sensors, cameras, and machine learning algorithms to measure…certain everyday functions. Including… the SPEED of your number one. The SIZE of your number two. Even whether blood is present! These metrics help diagnose illnesses.

Twenty users tested this technology for several months in their homes. “Doctor John” successfully collected the data and sent it to doctors over wi-fi. It’s as good at analyzing poop as medical students are!

This game-changing toilet non-invasively detects and monitors diseases like bladder cancer and diabetes! The researchers are making the technology even smarter so it can detect other diseases too.

The doctor is IN – no waiting! Unless you have teenagers in the house.