Sweet Deal

Getting a twenty-one isn’t just a win at blackjack!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

In the endless pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, research is turning to our genetics.
Specifically, the work of Tim Frayling and researchers at the University of Exeter. They’re leading an international effort to understand genetic factors’ influence on body fat.

The study pored over a bulky dataset, including around half a million health profiles! Researchers then compared genetic information, from bloodwork to diet, and lifestyle preferences.

The result? They discovered a genetic anomaly! FGF21 is a gene that was found to be responsible for craving sweet foods. A sweet tooth gene! Not exactly a blessing, right?

Well, researchers found those with FGF21 tended to have less bodyfat! What’s more – about twenty percent of those in the database had this gene.

It’s an exciting piece of a larger puzzle. Understanding these genetic links may help guide future research for treating obesity!

Well, my blood results are in, and, uhh… five percent Neanderthal? I’ll take it!