Sweet Sleep

Man and women sleeping next to each other on grass.

Before you kill your quarantine partner, listen up!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Laughter, cuddles, and emotional support AREN’T ALL your partner can give you. Ever wonder WHY you sleep better when you’re sleeping together? Henning Drews and his colleagues from the University of Kiel investigated.

They had twelve couples bed down in a sleep lab. One night, couples slept individually. Another night, they slept together. The sleepers were hooked up to a machine which measured brain activity, heart rate, and movement.

The researchers compared how well the partners slept on each of these nights. Additionally, they surveyed each pair on their emotional closeness.

Results? When couples shared a bed, TEN percent MORE of their sleep was deep sleep! Those who reported having stronger relationships had more synchronized sleep cycles. They entered deep sleep at similar times. Drews thinks people sleep better because they feel safer with their partner beside them..

So invite your sweetie over and sync up your sleep cycles. Science says to! But don’t hog the covers!