Prescription for a Dream

Can’t remember your dreams? Take your vitamins!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Psychologists think that “lucid dreaming” – when you’re aware that you’re having a dream – can help people overcome nightmares. Some people keep dream journals to help them be more aware of their dream space. But many of us can’t always recall our dreams. Turns out, there may be a pill for that!

Denholm Aspy and colleagues at the University of Adelaide’s School of Psychology wondered — could vitamin B-six help people with dream recall?

In his study, one hundred participants took either vitamin B-six supplements or a placebo right before bed. After five days, those who took the vitamin reported being better able to remember their dreams!

The scientists plan to study whether taking supplements, or even eating a B-six rich diet, could improve nightly dream recall. Aspy hopes that this common vitamin could even open the mind to lucid dreaming!

Now…if only they had a pill for ACHIEVING our dreams! Or at least…an app?